Hacking.Church 05: Green Badges

Should vaccinated folks get more church opportunities than non-vaccinated folks?

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  • Characteristics of Pilgrimage - we are creating an urban pilgrimage close to my ministry context, so this outline of pilgrimage elements was invaluable!

  • Hymn Society COVID-safe levels for congregational singing: My local church values congregational and choral singing of traditional hymnody, so we are paying attention to the recommended thresholds set by the Hymn Society.

  • The Church, not the Bible, determines Sin. When the Pope’s doctrinal agency again reaffirmed their rejection of marriage equality, they said the church couldn’t endorse sin. But the power to bind/loose laws is given by Jesus to the Church and can be applied to today’s debates about women, divorcees, LGBT Christians and many other topics that divide us. This is my writing but I have it open to see about updating it soon.

  • Man wins in court battle over red lights: I remember this conversation when I was in Portland, but it’s a helpful instance of “when you know, you know” and keeping on the subject for years. The guy is something else tho…

  • Green Evangelism Webinar is this week on the 25th! Sign up!

  • All of Google’s cloud products described in 4 words or less: An interesting exercise in conciseness and simplicity of vision—could you describe all your local church ministries and missions in 4 words or less?

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