Hacking.Church 04: Leveling Up

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Here’s what was published in our genres since our last newsletter, and the promised exclusive content at the bottom.

Church and Christianity articles:

  • [NEW] What Shape of Church will escape the Maelstrom? - a devotional based on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, asking who we will be on the other side of this pandemic and how will we get there. Side note: this was first shared in the “open tabs” last time and now you see it in final form as an article. That’s how this works!

  • [NEW] Three ways for Churches to count COVID-19 online worship attendance - It’s the time for evaluation of 2020, and one area that churches might struggle with is how to report online attendance during COVID-19. Take a read on a suggestion that will work in the absence of clear guidance from your denominational authorities!

  • Welcome to Hacking Christianity 5.0 is the “welcome back” post after several months offline that explores the new logo, new features, and where we go from here. If you missed it at launch, here it is again!

Geek Gospel articles:

United Methodist articles:

  • [NEW] The barriers against a Virtual General Conference - Traditionalist caucus groups are hot on a virtual global conference so they can break up United Methodism. Is that cause for concern? An examination of the challenges of conferencing in an age of COVID-19.

  • [NEW] Will the Drivers of The United Methodist Church take responsibility? - Progressives are the popular scapegoats for All Of United Methodist Problems, but how are they the driver of a dominant-conservative denomination? Take a read on the data that pushes back against the caucus group narratives.

  • Upcoming: Several new articles in the works about United Methodism and race, the problem of the Episcopal Fund, and the failure of the Wesleyan Covenant Association to let its “yes be yes” as Scripture calls us to be.

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~Rev. Jeremy