Hacking.Church 03: Maelstrom

A whirlwind week as the world breathlessly sits in Advent waiting.

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Here’s what was published in our genres this week, and the promised exclusive content at the bottom.

Church and Christianity articles:

Geek Gospel articles:

United Methodist articles:

Open Tabs:

Finally, as promised, email subscribers get exclusive content not available elsewhere. Right now, that is Open Tabs: these are the windows that are open RIGHT NOW on my computer that I just can’t stand to close yet:

  • Inclusive Christmas Carols: A preview for next week when I share our yearly resource from a friend in Massachusetts, but these ones by a church are pretty good too.

  • Enfleshed liturgy resource: A resource with inclusive authorship and articles has a terrific monthly subscription to their content. My church has been a subscriber for two years and each week my congregation is bettered by getting liturgies written by people very different than their straight white pastor! Tagline: “Sign up for theologically rich, relevant, and meaningful liturgy and sermon starters released every Monday morning.” I just got mine, that’s why it is an Open Tab! :-)

  • A Descent Into the Maelstrom” (Warning: PDF Download) by Edgar Allen Poe: A theology group was reflecting on this story in the context of the pandemic. Lots of preaching imagery in the final pages.

  • Tribalism Is the Enemy Within: a 10-year-old article but one that came up again for me online as America responds to the 2020 election.

  • Yaytext: Just a fun online resource that lets you use formatted text on social media.

That’s it for this week. Blessings to you and yours this Advent season and look for an update in less than a week!

~Rev. Jeremy