Hacking.Church 02: Advent

All Things New for the Season of Blue?

Hello World

Welcome to the second edition of the email subscription for HackingChristianity.net! I’m so glad you’ve subscribed. As of publishing, we’re at 81 subscribers…and get this…72% of you opened the inaugural email last week—that’s unheard of when most email subscriptions are thrilled to have a 39% open rate!


Here’s what was published in our genres this week, and the promised exclusive content at the bottom.

Church and Christianity articles:

  • [NEW] Resisting the Blue Stole: An Advent Reflection, a post that I didn’t want to write about transitioning to yet another season of the church that will be upended by COVID-19. I had hoped we would be through it by now, but here we are: celebrating Advent a screen-width apart.

  • Welcome to Hacking Christianity 5.0 is the “welcome back” post after several months offline that explores the new logo, new features, and where we go from here. If you missed it last week, here it is again!

Geek Gospel articles:

  • From the archives: Tetris and Advent wonders about a feature of the video game Tetris that is essential to play, and if we try to remove it, we lose the game more easily. Likewise, we cannot rush through Advent as its preview of things to come guides us through uncertain times.

United Methodist articles:

Open Tabs:

Finally, as promised, email subscribers get exclusive content not available elsewhere. Right now, that is Open Tabs: these are the windows that are open RIGHT NOW on my computer that I just can’t stand to close yet:

Well, that’s it for the last week of November, a lite email that will be paired with a heavy blog schedule next week. As we travel into the unknown of the December dark, may your companions be physically distanced but emotionally available for one another as we journey together through Advent.

Blessings and see you next week,

~Rev. Jeremy