Hacking.Church 01: Launch Week!

Four new blog posts + Open Tabs! Huzzah!

Hello World

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the email subscription for HackingChristianity.net! I’m so glad you’ve subscribed. As of publishing, we’re at 65 subscribers…pretty great for launch week which started with zero!


Here’s what was published in our genres this week, and the promised exclusive content at the bottom.

NEW Church and Christianity articles:

  • Welcome to Hacking Christianity 5.0 is the “welcome back” post after several months offline that explores the new logo, new features, and where we go from here.

  • One Nation, Sede Vacante explores what happens when the authorities in the church and world are diminished, the really scary problem with lesser authorities filling those voids, and what options we have going forward to right the church and world.

NEW Geek Gospel articles:

  • The Best Camera setup $500 can buy explores a common question “what’s the best camera for livestreaming church?” and the answer may surprise you! Techy but accessible.

NEW United Methodist articles:

Open Tabs:

Finally, as promised, email subscribers get exclusive content not available elsewhere. Right now, that is Open Tabs: these are the windows that are open RIGHT NOW on my computer that I just can’t stand to close yet:

  • Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation: I did a sermon and blog post on disinformation campaigns, and after I did, I saw this post with more data-driven conclusions to support both writings.

  • Detecting Disinformation for churches: The Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church hosted four zoom conversations on “Detecting Disinformation” which were very helpful and entertaining! Here’s the recordings.

  • Daniel the Lion - Wear a Mask: My dad has made a few edutainment (educational entertainment) videos on history and science in COVID. Mostly my daughters like them, but you might like them too! Here a puppet gets shown why and how to wear a mask.

  • Replacing the Hymns of David Haas: a composer has been credibly accused of sexual assault to women and girls, and so Christian traditions have to make decisions as to whether to sing his songs anymore. This link offers substitutes in the Mennonite hymnal - I need to make one for The United Methodist hymnals. If you are interested in helping, contact me.

  • Wikipedia page of Nataliya Dmytruk: this is an amazing story of a sign language interpreter who single-handedly stopped a coup in the Ukraine in 2004. A lesson for the United States as they try keep a similar coup at bay in 2020.

If any of these cause you to flesh out your own writings, please send me a note and let me know! I’d love to see what you do with it. Otherwise, sit tight: these might become blog posts at Hacking Christianity soon!

Thank you for subscribing, more content each week, and be sure to let people know about us.

Blessings and see you next Friday, ~Jeremy

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